Meet Summer.

Kees van Dongen Corn Poppy
Kees van Dongen
Corn Poppy

My bag is begging me to travel.  It is somehow always in my way, getting under me feet, demanding attention.  Resistance is futile. I pack some objects at random maybe clothes or notebooks or cup. Not sure. It is more important that they are  indigo,cyan, fuchsia and magenta colours.

Summer could have at least sent a message that she was on her way. We have been friends with Summer for as long as I can remember. I am not sure how it started either because we liked the same books or not. 

She has arrived when almost all the petals from the tea rose were on the ground. She had a potted plant with her and one suitcase. I was very happy to see her, just as she was walking towards me, I thought how simple happiness could be and that during the moments like this we think it is simple.  Summer was going to stay for a while, I knew it, I could see it in the way she walked and smiled and the potted plant gave her away as well. Summer was going to stay.

There was so much to talk about that nothing was said. I made tea and focused on forever. This is how it is going to be now. The whole eternity of warm soft breezes, flowers, ice creams. Foam on the sea made it look like a cup of  cappuccino and we took a stroll along the beach. I felt like I wanted to breath in all the air there was and talk for ages. Happiness for no reason, just keep on walking, never ask a tightrope walker how he keeps his balance, never wake up a sleepwalker.  It seemed like Summer was watching it all from the safe distance.

The apricot coloured sun was about to set and we were still walking along the beach, the foam looked like lace on the sea and the air was slowly cooling down. How long can I actually spend here? One month?  A week? My whole life?  I think I will start with one day.

Back in the house, Summer unpacks and we drink tea. She talks little, I do all the tea talking and she seems to be fine with that. I am thinking if it is ok to ask her why she has come in the first place or why she has arrived later than usually and why her attitude is so cold but instead I am talking about long winter and new movies. I am afraid that all these pent up emotions will end up in the rain of tears during the night but it will be fresh in the morning.

Despite her outward display of friendliness, I sense, she was concealing something. “I am leaving soon, you know that, right?- she told me in the morning. I knew that all along, so my faked surprise did not fool her. “I know that”.


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